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Online proctoring: Candidate portal FAQ

This FAQ answers frequently asked questions about the candidate portal for online proctored Questionmark exams. It contains the following sections:


How does online proctoring work?

Online proctoring allows you to take exams at your convenience while insuring the integrity of exam results. The rules governing a specific exam's administration can vary between test publishers. This response describes how online proctoring works in general terms:


First, you will need to be authorized by the test publisher. This typically happens when a candidate purchases access to an exam through an e-commerce transaction. In some cases, the test publisher will provide a candidate with an exam voucher that can be redeemed in lieu of a credit card purchase. More information on how to purchase an exam using Questionmark can be found in Booking, billing, and payment section of this FAQ.


Once you are authorized to take an exam, you'll need to schedule your proctoring appointment. You can select a date and time of day convenient for you. It's important that you set your local time zone in the Questionmark portal before scheduling an appointment. Your appointment date-time will be set according to the time zone you've set in your account in the Questionmark portal. Upon saving your appointment, you'll receive an email confirming the appointment that includes further instructions.

Taking an exam 

To ensure a smooth examination experience, you should consult the technical requirements before taking an online proctored exam. Refer to What do I need in order to take an online proctored exam? for more information.

At the time of your appointment, log into the Questionmark portal, and click the My Assessments tab. Your appointment will appear on the My Assessments page. A launch link will be enabled on this page 15 minutes before your appointment. Click the launch link to initiate your exam appointment. The proctoring system will launch in a new window.

At this point, you'll need to follow the onscreen prompts, which allow you to connect with the proctor. The proctor will expect you to provide the identification documents required by the test publisher. And the proctor will also expect you to use your webcam so your test-taking environment can be inspected and the proctor can ensure the security and integrity of the exam. A secure testing environment means:

  • You are alone in the room.
  • Your desk and work area are clear.
  • You are connected to a power source.
  • No phones or headphones 
  • No dual monitors 
  • No leaving your seat 
  • No talking 
  • Webcam, speakers, and microphone must remain on throughout the test.
  • The proctor must be able to see you for the duration of the test.

Next, you will be presented with candidate agreements. The test publisher will require that you are agree to all of them before the proctor can release the exam.

After consenting to the candidate agreements, you'll be prompted to begin the exam. The proctor will unlock the exam, allowing you proceed. The proctor will monitor you through real-time audio/video as you take the exam. The proctor can pause or terminate your exam if you're not following the rules. You may speak to the proctor, if necessary, at any time during the exam.

What do I need in order to take an online proctored exam?

For information about the technical requirements for taking online proctored exams, refer to What do I need in order to take an online proctored exam?

What happens if there is a fire alarm or similar incident while I am taking an exam?

First, you should take all necessary measures to protect your own safety and the safety of others. Once safe, you should then use email or chat and get advice on possible next steps.

How do I get help if I encounter a technical problem during an exam?

If you encounter a technical problem, you can ask the proctor for help. You will be able speak with the proctor at any time during your exam. If the proctor is unable to help you resolve the technical problem, you will be transferred to a technical support representative.

What do I do if my computer crashes or I lose connection while taking an exam?

Technical problems can occur. We will do our best to resolve them in a timely fashion and reduce the impact on your ability to perform on the exam. If you encounter a computer malfunction or lose your internet connection during an exam, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Don't panic. Leave your computer as is and check your power supplies, network cables, and any other physical resources that may have cause the loss of connection.
  2. When the proctor detects that you have lost your connection, the proctor will automatically pause the exam to preserve its integrity. 
  3. If you can re-establish the connection without shutting down your computer, then it should be possible to communicate with the proctor again and for the proctor to unlock your exam so that you may resume. 
  4. If you're unable to re-establish connection after 5 minutes, the proctor is required to terminate the exam. In this case, an attempt will not be deducted from your subscription. You will need to schedule a new appointment for the exam. Do not try to reschedule the appointment that is associated with the terminated result.

Can I take an exam on a tablet computer such as an iPad or Android tablet?

No. Tablets, e.g., iPads and Google Chromebooks, and other operating systems are not supported.


Why aren't there any time slots available for a proctoring appointment?

Available times are a function of demand and capacity. We cannot guarantee that you will be able to get a specific date-time. However, we do expect that with some advanced planning you can find multiple available times on any given day. Some of the reasons why you may not see any available times are:

  • You've accidentally chose a date in the past.
  • You've chosen a "blackout" date.
  • Your time zone is not set to your local time zone.

I've scheduled an appointment, but that date is not reflected on the My Assessments page, and the launch link is not available.

If you schedule an appointment for a time slot, you will need to refresh the My Assessments page to update the appointment date and so that the system offers you the appropriate follow-up actions.  

Can I cancel an exam appointment?

Yes, it's possible to cancel an exam appointment before starting the appointment. You can do this from the My Assessments page in the Questionmark portal. You will not lose an attempt for a cancellation.  

Can I reschedule an exam appointment?

Yes, you can reschedule an exam appointment before its start date and time. There is no penalty for rescheduling, and a rescheduled appointment does not count as an attempt. You can do this from the My Assessments page in the Questionmark portal. To reschedule an appointment, you must first cancel the existing appointment. Once you have cancelled the existing appointment, it will be possible to create a new appointment for the same exam.

How many exam attempts do I have?

Please contact your test publisher for their policy regarding exam attempts and retakes.

Where can I take an online proctored exam?

You can take an exam wherever it's convenient for you. However, your exam will be proctored and must be kept secure.

Ensure you are in a quiet and secure location. We do not allow exams in public locations where others are within speaking distance or may be able to walk into the room, have access to your computer, or where you can become distracted while taking your exam. You must be in a room alone throughout the course of your exam.

Our proctors will ask that you rotate your webcam prior to beginning your exam. Please ensure your computer area contains only permitted items approved by your test publisher for the area. Any whiteboards or bulletin boards must be cleared, erased, or covered. If they are to your back, they are exempt from this rule. Any cell phones, tablets, or other communication/recording devices must be removed from the area.

How does the proctor know that it's me taking an exam and not someone else?

A valid photo ID will be checked by the proctor before taking the exam. The name on your photo ID must match the name on your exam appointment (i.e. the name in your personal profile under where your appointment is recorded). Valid forms of identification can be:

  • government-issued passport,
  • driver's license ,
  • or military ID .

Note: Specific identification requirements are established by the test publisher and may vary.

Is it possible to chat with the proctor via text chat because my spoken English is not that good?

Before the exam, it's possible to use text chat to communicate with proctor. Once the exam begins and Questionmark Secure is running, text chat is unavailable. You may speak with the proctor at this time.

What language does the proctor speak?

Exam proctors only speak English.

Is it possible to take a break during an exam without losing time?

No, it's not possible to take a break during an exam.

If I have a health or other serious personal issue, is it possible to extend the time I have to take an exam?

Please contact your test publisher before scheduling your exam appointment to learn about their accommodations policy. If the test publisher grants you an extended time accommodation, it's possible for the proctor to facilitate that, but the accommodation must be prearranged with the test publisher.

What if I have purchased an unproctored exam? Where can I find it and when can I take it?

Unproctored exams may be taken immediately upon purchase. Click My Assessments to see available unproctored exams. Under the Delivery column you can see whether your assessment requires proctoring. If proctoring is not required, under the Actions column, you can click the play icon to start your assessment. The exam will be available from the date of purchase.

Note: Each exam product is different. Your test publisher can limit the amount of time available to you to take an unproctored exam as well as the number of attempts you have. Consult the product description for specifics.


Booking, billing, and payment

How do I purchase an exam?

To purchase an exam:

  1. Click Buy Exam. This reveals an exam catalog, which you can filter to find the desired exam.
  2. Click an exam's Add to cart button.
  3. Click the cart icon in the upper right corner, or click the your cart hyperlink.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the checkout process.
  5. You will receive confirmation when your purchase is completed, which may take a few moments.
  6. Once purchased, go to My Assessments to schedule a proctored exam appointment or to take an unproctored exam immediately.

How do I use a voucher?

The voucher code is entered during the checkout process.

To use a voucher code:

  1. Find the desired exam in the exam catalog, and click Add to cart.
  2. Enter your voucher number in the Discount coupon field.
    • Please note that you are required to enter your billing address information, but no credit card information is needed. 


I bought an exam. Now what?

In the My Assessments screen, the Delivery column shows you whether your assessment needs proctoring or not.

If the assessment does not require proctoring, you will be able to take it immediately by pressing the play button icon in the Actions column.

If the assessment requires proctoring, then you'll need to schedule a proctoring appointment. To do this, click the calendar icon in the Actions column.


Account management

How can I create a user account?

To create a user account:

  1. Go to your test publisher's exam portal, e.g.,[test publisher's ID number].
  2. Click Create new account.
  3. Fill in the account creation form and follow the on-screen instructions.

Upon creating a new account, you'll receive an email with further instructions and a link to login to your account and reset its password.

How can I set my time zone in the Questionmark portal?

Setting your local time zone is important because it affects the assessment appointment times available to you.

Note: If you don't set your local time zone, Questionmark defaults to using the UTC time zone and all date-times are presented in UTC (Universal Coordinated Time). 

To set your time zone in the Questionmark portal:

  1. Log in to Questionmark.
  2. Click your username in the portal menu, and select Edit profile.
  3. In the Locale settings section, select your time zone from the the Time zone drop-down list.
  4. Click Save.

How can I update my profile?

To update your profile:

  1. Log in to your test publisher's exam portal.
  2. Click your username in the portal menu, and select Edit profile.
  3. In the Edit tab, you can change your password, email address, phone number, etc.
  4. Click Save to save changes.

How do I reset a forgotten password?

To reset a forgotten password:

  1. Go to your test publisher's exam portal, e.g.,[test publisher's ID number].
  2. Click Request new password.
  3. Enter your username or email address in the Username or email address field.
  4. Click Email new password.

A one-time login link will be sent to your email address, which you can use to log in and then change your password.