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How can I navigate an assessment?

Depending on the assessment, you may have several different mechanisms for navigating through questions.

Single-page assessment

If all the questions in your assessment appear on one page, you can move between questions by scrolling up and down the page by using the:

  • mouse/touchpad scroll buttons (if your mouse has one),
  • scrollbar in the browser,
  • Page Up/Page Down keys on the keyboard,
  • or pressing the Tab key to move between selectable elements,

Question-by-question assessment

A question-by-question assessment contains questions on separate pages. To move between questions, you can:

  • Use the Next question and Previous question buttons by clicking them (or touching them on a touchscreen) or pressing the spacebar (when selected). If you're viewing the assessment in a window with a small area, the Next and Previous buttons may be replaced by < and > buttons,
  • You can also use the assessment navigator, if enabled, to move between questions in an assessment. To do this, open the assessment navigator and use the mouse or keyboard to select the question to which you want to navigate. If you're viewing the assessment in a window with a small area, the assessment navigator button might be replaced by a Alternatebutton.png symbol.

Navigating an assessment on a mobile device (such as an iOS or Android device) works in a similar fashion as navigating a browser-based assessment. You can move between questions by swiping up or down on the screen in a single-page assessment or swiping across the screen in a question-by-question assessment. In a mobile assessment, however, the Next question / Previous question buttons look a little different from their browser-based versions:


There's no assessment navigator in mobile assessments.

Assessment navigator

The assessment navigator allows you to select a question in an assessment without having to navigate through questions one at a time. Clicking on the assessment navigator button will bring up the assessment navigator dialog, where you can scroll through the questions available in an assessment represented as numbers. If you click on a number in the navigator dialog, it is highlighted in white, and the corresponding assessment question will be displayed.


Any tools included in an assessment will appear in the assessment navigator dialog below the questions.

Once a question has been answered, it will be highlighted in the navigator dialog.


The flagging feature helps you mark a question if you want to return to it later in the assessment.

To flag a question, navigate to the question you want to flag and click the FlagthisQuestion.png (Flag this question) button next to the assessment navigator button at the bottom of the assessment. A flagged question can be identified by the yellow triangle next to the corresponding question number in the navigator dialog.


As there's no assessment navigator in mobile assessments, you cannot flag questions in mobile assessments .